MFG date: 2008 installed and comissioned 2009

Plate count: only 17 050 pieces
Exposure time: only 570 hours

Laser head Gen II. Class 160. 64 laser diodes. 2540 dpi
Internal punch: Bacher 425 mm
Plate type: now calibrated on Kodak Sonora XS thermal plates
Plate size: min. 240 x 240 mm. Max. 670 x 525 mm
Plate thickness: 0.15 – 0.3 mm
Productivity: 17 plates/hr
DRS Debis Removal System
ATL Auto Top Loader with 2 cassettes
Cassette capacity: 50/100 plates with 0.3/0.15 thickness
Automatic separation of slip sheets
Prinect MetaDimension Version 13.0 incl hardware
Dongle: HD Lic. Server P-022-D-12680
Grafoteam PST 26 plate stacker

Available: immediatelly

PRICE: Please Inquire