Year Model: 2002

-10/60 collator
-DBM 400 Bookletmaker
-DBM 400T Trimmer

with Long Stacker DBM 400LS

10/60 Collator

Number of bins: 10,
Paper Size (Min./Max.) : 4.7” x 5.52” to 14” x 20”
Paper Weight: 11 lb. to 12-pt. cover
Bin Capacity: 2.5”
Detection: Double feed, misfeed, paper jam,
Paper transport jam and bin empty

Booklet making – up to 4,200 sets per hour;
Collating – up to 10,000 sets per hour

Feed System: Vacuum belt with air sheet separation

DBM 400T Bookletmaker


Sheet Size (Min./Max.): 4.73” x 5.51” to 13.82” x 14.41”
Paper Capacity: Up to 30 sheets

Speed: Up to 4,200 sets per hour*

Detection: Jam and misfeed
Number of Stitcher Heads:1-4 (2 standard) Hohner heads
Stitch Positions: Saddle, corner, side, none (fold only)
Programmable Memory Settings:8
Automatic Functions: Stitcher heads, back jogger, side guides,
Stitch stopper, fold stopper and fold-back
Stopper positions

400T Trimmer

Trimming Mechanism: Upper and lower shearing action
Booklet Sizes (Min./Max.): 4.73” x 3.35” to 14’ x 10”
Trimmed Booklet Sizes (Min./Max.):4.72” x 2.87” to 14” x 10”
Trimming Margin: Up to 2.95”
Cutting Thickness: Up to 50 sheets
Speed: Up to 4,200 sets per hour*

with Long Stacker DBM 400LS


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